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Posted by toyotamotor on July 28, 2009


Toyota Crown
The Crown is Toyota’s oldest sedan still in production. … This is the car that gave Americans a bad image of Japanese built vehicles. …

Toyota introduces Night View on Japanese Crown Hybrid
Click above to view more images of Toyota’s Night View technology. Toyota has been offering a large car known as the Crown in Japan for many years, …

Sold Vehicle History. We Have Sold 1995 year Toyota Crown …
… Exporter,JapanTradeCar Sold Vehicle History For a 1995 Toyota Crown Chassis: JZS141 this unit was sold for only 1260 … Click on the image to enlarge it. …

$3.37 Toyota Crown Smart Key Price: $3.37 – Free Shipping – Toyota Crown Smart Key (Replacement Keys/Remotes Car … own customer images. Toyota Crown Smart Key. Price: …

2008 Toyota Crown
The 2008 Toyota Crown Royal Saloon is powered by either V6 3.0-liter or a V6 2.5 … Gallery 2008 Toyota Crown (3 images): 2008 Toyota Crown 1. 2008 Toyota Crown 2 …

Toyota’s new Crown Hybrid can spot pedestrians
Toyota has a new take on night view in their Crown Hybrid luxury sedan. Previous attempts had images displayed directly on the windshield, while the new one uses …


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