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Toyota Aygo

Posted by toyotamotor on September 15, 2009

Toyota Aygo

Toyota Aygo Revised for 2009
Filed Under: Japanese, Pricing, Toyota. Toyota has revised the Aygo for the UK market. … Designed and built in Europe, Aygo is 100 per cent Toyota. …

Toyota Aygo Review
What does ten thousand US dollars buy an automobilist these days? … Alternatively, if you live in Europe, you could buy a Toyota Aygo. But should you? …

2009 Toyota Aygo
Rejecting commonly held stereotypes that compact should only mean pragmatic and economical, the dynamic design of the Toyota Aygo re-defines the perceptions of what …

Exclusive Video Animation: 2008 Toyota Aygo
The 2008 Toyota Aygo microcar could be a direct rival to the 2008 Smart Fortwo when it arrives late next year. … called the 2008 Toyota Aygo, the B-Class city …

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